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Enough campaign data to effectively manage bids and give a stable result. With manual control. This can be achiev immiately, but extensive knowlge and experience in promotion is requir. Ad quality During the auction process, the main factor influencing. Placement is the assign bid. But the system also takes into account other indicators. For example, it evaluates how the ad text meets the nes of the user. Let’s list what Yandex Direct pays attention to: how the title and text are word; match the content of the ad with what is on the landing page; graphic materials (creatives); the number of complet additional lines: links to the catalog, contacts, additional information.

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If the targeting is set up correctly and the text correctly reflects the USP. The ad will have a much better chance of winning the auction and being one of the top lines in the search results. CTR A large number of clicks Bulk SMS South Afric on an ad leads to an increase in traffic. On the advertiser’s website. A high CTR brings positive commercial results if audiences are set up correctly and ads are. Shown to people who are ready to buy. If good headlines and texts are shown to the wrong users, campaigns will quickly spend their budget and not bring in conversions. Therefore, it is important to monitor the CTR: if this indicator is high, but there are no sales.

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There are obviously problems with the campaign settings. You can get even more useful information in our blog . If you are running contextual and target advertising, use the click platform . A single advertising AFB Directory account will allow you to conveniently manage all campaigns, and a lot of useful tools will ruce the time for performing routine tasks. You can also take part in the affiliate program to return part of the budget spent on as the owner of the online lighting store lampaman and has been involv in e-commerce since.

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