Using a phone number as a username can facilitate this process by directly sending authentication codes via sms or voice calls. This adds an extra layer of security to online accounts. Making it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access. Disadvantages of using a phone number as a username: privacy concerns: while convenience is a significant advantage. Using a phone number as a username raises privacy concerns. Phone numbers are unique identifiers tied to individuals and are often used for communication purposes.

Linking an online account directly

Phone number can increase the risk of identity theft or unauthorized access if the number falls into the wrong hands. Limited anonymity: when  Lesotho Email List using a phone number as a username. It becomes challenging to maintain anonymity online. Anonymity is valued by individuals who wish to separate their online presence from their personal lives or avoid unwanted contact. A phone number. Being a personal identifier. Reduces the level of anonymity and increases the chances of unwanted interactions.

Difficulty in changing numbers

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people often change phone numbers due to various reasons such as moving to a new location or switching service providers. If a phone  AFB Directory number is tied to multiple online accounts. Changing the number can become a cumbersome process. Users may have to update their information across several platforms. if they fail to update the new number promptly. Security risks: although using a phone number as a username can enhance security through 2fa. It also introduces additional risks.

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