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Bloggers will help you stand out from other offers and attract the attention of the audience to your course. Influencer advertising often works better than other promotional tools. Subscribers are a loyal audience that listens to the blogger’s recommendations. Therefore, advertising publications on Instagram* can give a high conversion and attract new customers. Benefits of advertising with bloggers: Access to the target audience – subscribers are unit by common interests, social and demographic characteristics.

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You can choose influencers with a relevant audience who are likely to be interest in your course. We recommend paying special attention to microblogs. These are accounts with up to , followers. Their Bulk SMS Bahrain audience, as a rule, is more homogeneous than that of millionaires. Therefore, advertising with such influencers can be especially effective. Native – Subscribers perceive blog posts as advice rather than a direct sale. Users may not pay attention to ordinary advertising on the Internet. And native integration looks like part of a blogger’s daily content, so it catches” the audience. Nativeness is especially important for promoting online courses. Buyers know how many low-quality information products are on the market. They strive to find confirmation that the course is really useful and worth the money.

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Therefore, recommendations from bloggers work well for sales. Features of advertising online courses with bloggers Native ads for language courses in review format Creativity and author’s style – integration AFB Directory with a blogger will compare favorably with standard advertisements in social networks. Influencers know what content their followers like. They will talk about your product in the author’s style. The publication will help you stand out from the competition and increase brand recall. The possibility of long-term cooperation – many online schools work with bloggers on an ongoing basis. An influencer becomes a brand ambassador.

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