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Otherwise there will be chaos and motley clowning. MEASUREMENT THE TEMP I know from experience that my average lecture pace is slides per hour. The slides can be different, some tables take a couple of minutes, but the average lecture pace is close to slideshour. The more entertaining the lecture, the more slides switch per minute. Here is an example of a rich presentation for a three-hour workshop, there is a lot to explain, which is why the pace is slides hour. Another option is to do test runs of the presentation before the lecture itself. Speak the lecture as if on stage. It works amazing from what I hear.

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Because I have never done it myself. EVERY NEXT PRESENTATION WILL BE BETTER Fact not for all lectures the material is collect from scratch. Fact organizers and audience in different cities ask to read +- similar Bulk SMS Nepal topics. Fact The same presentation will run multiple times. And every next time, it will get better. It always happens that during a lecture you realize that its worth adding examples here, swapping slides in places, just new ideas have appear. As a result, for each lecture, the presentation is updat, the lecture gets its upgrade, everyone wins. A little tip, immiately save all presentations and all different versions in a separate section.

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The more detail the description, the less time it will take to find some piece from the old lecture. SLIDE UNDER REPOST Continuing to talk about creating a cool presentation for a lecture, I cant help AFB Directory but touch on a separate topic. Almost all experienc speakers know about it. Ill reveal a secret. The secret of good lectures. This If were not talking about PhD presentations, but were still looking at Digital, then theres humor in a cool presentation. He must be here. You can joke with words that you speak into the microphone, or you can joke with slides A very good option is.

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