This way you ensure that the page is still “crawlable” by the bot , but not indexed. This is the best solution especially for duplicate content issues due to pagination . Pay attention to respecting the crawl budget: if you use the “no index” meta tag on a page, make sure that the latter is also excluded from your Sitemap because otherwise you will generate an error. It would be like inviting Google to visit your apartment and then having it find the doors of the rooms locked! Duplicate contents.

Identify those present on your site thanks to

Site Liner Very good, now USA Phone Number Data you should have a clearer idea, right? However, a little extra help never hurts, so let me introduce you to my favorite tool for checking your website for duplicate content .site liner to check for duplicate content all Go to . Other code  enter the URL of the site you want to check and in the blink of an eye you will find yourself in front of the state of the art of your website! site liner guide Goodbye duplicate content? Perhaps… If you had .

A duplicate content problem or are afraid of being a victim of one in the future

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You now have 4 tricks up Brazil WhatsApp Number List your sleeve that you can play to maintain control of the situation. Only sites that optimize aspects like this are able to communicate on an equal basis with Google and can lay the right foundations for a solid and long-lasting positioning over time. As you may have understood, however, dealing with duplicate content can be technically complex. Other code  If you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty , let a professional do it for you. Very often this is the best solution, otherwise you only risk messing things up even more. If you had to choose me. Well, you know that I would be happy.

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