With this knowlege and a handful of practical tips, each of us has a chance to create a great and strong brand, love and value on the consumer market. Integration event with ZFŚS – the most important information January 4, 2022 Office party Integration event with ZFŚS – the most important information When organizing an integration event with the Social Fund, there are many questions that companies are looking for answers to. What is an integration event with ZFŚŚ? Who and when can organize such an event? What conditions must be met in order to benefit from the Company Social Benefits Fund.

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We have collecte the most common questions in this article. We will try to dispel all doubts. What does the abbreviation ZFŚS mean? Using the ZFŚS fund Integration event with ZFŚS – costs integration Party Examples of integration events within the whatsapp mobile number list Social Fund What does the abbreviation ZFŚS mean? The Company Social Benefits Fund, the Company Social Benefits Fund, is specially collecte funds by the employer to be use for social support for eligible employees in certain situations. The company collects money in a separate bank account.

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The social fund can be create by companies that employ more than 50 full-time employees. Nowadays, this fund is rarely use by employers, however – they have such a possibility. How to make good use of the Social Fund’s funds? Organize an unforgettable AFB Directory team building for your employees! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Using the ZFŚS fund In order to be organize, an integration event with ZFŚS must meet specific conditions. The Act of March 4, 1994 on the Company Social Benefits Fund (consolidate text, Journal of Laws of 1996, No. 70, item 335, as amende, hereinafter referre to as the Social Fund Act) clearly defines what the funds can be spent on, namely: social activities organize by the employer for the benefit of persons entitle to benefit from the Social Fund.

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