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According to which amendments are being made to the Law on the State Language. The new law is intend to complete the “legal registration of the status of the Russian language as the state language.” Also, its goal is to increase the general level of literacy of citizens. to protect and develop the language culture. Advertisement VtzqvHis There is an explanatory note to the bill . It says the draft feral law assumes the inadmissibility of the use of foreign words, with the exception of those that do not have commonly us analogues in the Russian language.

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The list of which is contain in normative dictionaries ” It turns out that now all IT. Digital-specialists must use only Russian words. Except for words and terms that have no analogues in Russian? Or does the Bulk SMS Argentina law only apply to civil servants? Elena Yampolskaya, head of the Duma Committee on Culture, gave some clarifications. There is the first area where the use of Russian as the state language is mandatory without any reservations. And there are several areas, such as the performance of works, the mia, advertising, where there may be specifics in the implementation of activities. Has this made it any clearer? Not really.

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Bas on the comments of officials and excerpts from the law, it turns out that foreign words are bann in virtually any public commercial, cultural or social activity. It turns out that since the amendments AFB Directory came into force. The use in the public field of familiar foreign words like dashboard”, parser”, targeting” of others, which we regularly use in the click service when we talk about process automation, is bann ? Or are there exceptions? Whom the law applies to Amendments to the Feral Law “On Advertising” are already in effect. If you read it as carefully as possible, and then combine it with the new amendments to the Law on the State Language then.

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