The bounce rate can skyrocket. For Google and other search engines this is a really bad signal and can result in worse mobile rankings compared to desktop. If you haven’t already done so, implement Google AMP and more generally try to optimize loading times as much as possible. How can you track user behavior? To determine the quality of user signals, monitor them and always stay up to date you can use an excellent tool: Google Analytics . This tool can show realistic and concrete data about your site usage such as. Bounce rate Duration of visits CTR The CTR in SERP, as I told you before, can also be determined using the.

Search Console, this tool can show how often

A search result has been Thailand Phone Number Data shown to users and therefore how many times users have clicked on your result. Conclusions on User Signals Ignoring the impact that user signals have on your positioning means finding yourself at a disadvantage compared to your organic competitors right from the start . My advice is to regain control of the site and constantly monitor these signals to optimize the user experience, only then Google and other search engines could decide to reward you. If you need a hand, all you have to do is strike, okay? Happy optimization! If you work in the web and SEO field you will know that duplicate content is a bit like.

Monday mornings: annoying and repetitive

Phone Number Data

That’s why you need to know them USA Phone Number List better and know how to counter them effectively and definitively. In short, my dear, do you really want to increase visits to the site? As a good SEO consultant, all I can do is invite you to continue reading, because you’ve come to exactly the right place. In this guide I want to introduce you to duplicate content , which is a bit like the Voldemort of SEO . But since you really don’t have the Harry Potter look, know that unfortunately you won’t be able to use a magic wand to get rid of it! Duplicate content: the main SEO problem What’s the problem with duplicate content? I’ll try to simplify the matter for you. While duplicate content may not generate algorithmic penalties , it can certainly impact your website’s search engine rankings .

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