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Publishing posts in the channel and deleting spam you can configure and grant only those permissions. Channel owners or moderators with unlimit access can remove incompetent moderators as quickly as they can be add. To remove an admin from a channel you ne to go to the admin section select the desir profile and click on the demote button. How to Enable Comments We discuss how and why to turn on comments in your channel in  and use the feature to your channel’s benefit. So in this article we’ll just briefly recap the path you ne to take Go to the channel settings via the menu and click on the name; click on the pencil in the top.

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Right corner; find the discussion section and Cyprus B2B List the add button;  add if it already exists ; Enable Commenting If you want only subscribers to be able to post comments click the creat group and move the Members Only slider to the On position. Once done now that the group has comments subscribers will be able to discuss publish posts starting with the next one. Comments will not be available on previously publish posts.  increase group activity. For example moderators under a post can participate in comments answers or conversely ask participants questions to stimulate discussion on the topic. How to develop a channel without cheating In order for your channel to have subscribers that don’t just consist of aunts and cousins you ne to increase the number of subscribers. But if you’ve already.

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Add everyone in your phonebook who else AFB Directory can you invite to the channel and how There are various ways to attract new subscribers. But it’s worth starting with an analysis of your audience. Once you’ve creat a channel and decid what content to write about frequently it’s time to think about who your subscribers are. You ne to understand who might be interest in reading your posts who would be interest in channels and products who would want to discuss and take your advice. You can use social networks to learn about your audience. Because there is no data in the profiles in the social network it is impossible to find any information about people. Find groups on social networks that offer products similar to yours and follow their subscribers.

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