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Step with examples and difficulties, tips. Yes, such content is labor-intensive to produce. More time is running out. But hes valuable. And it is unlikely that neural networks will be able to replace it.Which gives a respite from leaving the factory for such authors Subscribe to quality articles about SMM in Telegram I want to call the article “How to do well when everything is bad”, but nothing is clear from such a title. And the rubricator is a very clear, working thing that everyone does wrong. Did, until this day and this article. Now I will teach and show you how to do it. What is a rubric.A rubric is.

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Time-scalable content concept that fulfills a specific goal from the brief for a specific target audience segment. In this definition, I wrote down all the key parameters that distinguish a good rubric Bulk SMS Myanmar from a bad one. For now, lets start with scaling . An SMM strategy is develop for months. Usually this is an annual action plan, with the possibility of major adjustments in the middle, or due to external shocks insta bann.The average frequency of one rubric is – posts per month. It happens but rarely. It turns out that for one heading you will ne to come up with and make from to + posts during the operation of the strategy.

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Its a lot I regularly see columns that run out of ideas in – posts. That is, it lasts for a month, and then torment sets in. Case study years ago, I ran Schneider Electric social networks in AFB Directory Belarus. I made, as it seem to me.Good strategy and start making content. By the way, even then I tri to integrate UGC, and as you know from this article, UGC is generally the best thing in SMM . Then I ran into a problem. One of the headings was “company history”. Logically, I thought that there is a lot to tell about a brand.

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