This week we at pipe are very happy to be able to share with you the article by the dear and renowned grasiela tesser! Ceo of cakeerp and director of nl informática, about digital marketing for local businesses! Enjoy! Unlike marketing strategies for companies with comprehensive operations or digital operations, such as virtual stores, for example, local businesses require attention and dedication to some specific fronts. This does not mean that the tactics are not valid for both contexts, but that some specificities need to be considered so that you have more expressive results. Therefore, we have selected some tips that will help you put an excellent strategy into practice: google my business – indispensable in digital marketing for local businesses.

Received as a return to your search on search engines

Such as google, information about the place such as images, address, contact and even some questions and answers about it? This is how your store or company will appear when registered in google my business, a tool that allows the registration of establishments and a list of information Austria Business Fax List about its operation indexing it on the first page of google results. By favoring geolocation in searches, it helps to increase the traffic of people to your business and, consequently, impacts on the increase in sales , establishing itself as indispensable in digital marketing for local businesses . Work local seo on your website it’s no secret that having a website accompanied by a good seo (search engine optimization) strategy is essential for any company that wants to be easily found by potential consumers.


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To work digital marketing for local businesses

Your website and seo strategy must contemplate specific tactics. The first is to have your web page friendly to mobile devices, or mobile friendly, as it is commonly known in the online world. This means that the layout and information on your website will adapt to searches carried out by mobile devices, which AFB Directory  are more common for those looking for an establishment in their surroundings or location. Having a map with your location, contact telephone number and even the option to make the call directly from the page, as well as the choice of specific keywords, the long tail calls , which include direction to facilitate the findability of your business on the internet are recommended. Encourage recommendations and reviews recommendations and reviews are very important in digital marketing for local businesses.

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