Allow businesses to efficiently manage their customer interactions via text. Without the need for a separate voice line. Moreover. With the rise of messaging apps. solely based on their phone numbers. These apps leverage the phone number as a unique identifier and enable users to send and receive messages. Multimedia content. And even make voice or video calls within the app’s ecosystem. Such apps often provide end-to-end encryption for secure communication and have gained widespread popularity due to their simplicity and convenience.

Feasibility and technical aspects approx

The feasibility of using a phone number exclusively for texting depends on several factors. Firstly. It requires a network or service  Sweden Email List provider that supports text messaging as a standalone feature. Most standard mobile phone plans already include text messaging capabilities. Allowing users to send and receive sms messages alongside voice calls. However. It is also possible to subscribe to specialized services that offer dedicated text-only plans. Further optimizing the usage for text-based communication.

From a technical perspective

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Text messaging relies on the signaling protocols of the underlying network infrastructure. The two primary protocols used are signaling  AFB Directory system 7 (ss7) and ip multimedia subsystem (ims). These protocols facilitate the transmission of text messages across the network. Ensuring they reach the intended recipient’s device. As long as the network supports text messaging services. Using a phone number for texting only is feasible. Implications and benefits (approx. 200 words) using a phone number solely for texting offers several benefits and implications.

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