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They are ne to take the cost of promotion to the company’s expenses. How to advertise courses through Instagram bloggers . Set up and run the integration. Return to the shopping cart and click “Set up project”. How to advertise courses through Instagram bloggers Next, make a technical task for bloggers. There is a convenient form of TK on the exchange: there are fields for all essential conditions of publication. Choose the date and time of the integration placement, specify the requirements for the content in the story, upload a product photo or a ready-made layout.

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Add a link to your website or Instagram page. If you are planning a long-term collaboration with bloggers, create a project template. It can be us in future integrations. How to advertise courses through Instagram Bulk SMS Kuwait bloggers To send a task to bloggers, click “Start a project”. The exchange operates a safe deal”. The cost of integration will be debit from your account after the launch of the campaign. But the performer will receive payment only after the publication of Stories in accordance with the terms of reference. If the blogger does not fulfill his obligations, the money will be return to you. How to advertise courses through Instagram bloggers Conclusion Online courses can be effectively promot through Instagram bloggers.

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If you choose the right influencers, such advertising gives a high conversion and brings sales. It is important that the topic of the blog is relat to your information product. You also ne to check the quality of the AFB Directory audience of the account and draw up a detail terms of reference. The native integration exchange will help you get the most out of your collaboration with influencers. The catalog contains only proven bloggers with a quality audience. The work in the service is automat: it will take just a couple of minutes to set up and launch the promotion. Useful links mization – in this case, just a few variants of the words party.

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