Analyze how people browse your website. Final reports allow you to generate charts and graphs to present your data. If you don’t mind paying for the extra features you can opt for the premium version of Google Analytics which costs US$ per year. to more metrics and a deeper understanding of your website’s performance. time You can install them together and collect data at the same time. But you cannot use both tools at the same time. They are completely different products. To use them you must first upgrade one product and then the second. Year and month will stop collecting data and will not be updat.

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This means you should start planning how India Phone Number List to manage your analytics data collection. If you are already running you can continue to use it. But you won’t be able to use desir features such as custom reports and real-time dashboards. The new version looks very similar to the current version. The main difference is that it does not support mobile devices. It will no longer collect traffic from and apps nor show app installs. It will also change the way it displays events.  individually but the ten most recent events. So it’s best to install even if you’re not ready to switch. What’s the difference from the old version.

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The most notable difference between and is the ability to report activity on websites and apps. Using you can only report website activity. Other differences include a new dashboard where all measurements are in Events has a series of engagement metrics engagement meeting engagement rate engagement time gain prictive insights and most importantly AFB Directory can track analytics for websites and apps whereas the old one could only track websites analyze. For an overview of the differences between and read this blog. Google Analytics How Do I Know Which Version Is Right For Me Despite its impressive capabilities Google Analytics is still the most famous tool us by network administrators The.

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