Which consist of various carriers and providers. Facilitate the call’s journey from the caller to the intended recipient’s voicemail system. A. Local exchange carrier (lec): the call typically starts with the caller’s lec. Which is the local telephone company By simply dialing the phone number associated with emergency services.  to the public switched telephone network (pstn). The lec processes the call and forwards it to the appropriate long-distance carrier. B. Long-distance carrier: the long-distance carrier routes the call across different network segments until it reaches the destination area code or region.

Voice messaging system provider

The call then arrives at the voice messaging system provider’s network. The provider’s infrastructure is responsible for managing and  USA Phone Number List processing incoming calls. Determining the associated phone number’s settings. And handling call forwarding to voicemail. Voicemail system configuration (approximately 300 words): within the voice messaging system. Phone numbers are associated with individual user accounts or extensions. When a call reaches the voicemail system.

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Several components work together to handle

The call and process the voice message. A. Automated attendant: the automated attendant. Also known as an interactive voice response (ivr) system. Greets  AFB Directory callers and presents options for accessing different features. Including leaving a voicemail. It prompts the caller to record a message. Enter a recipient’s extension. Or follow specific instructions. B. Voicemail box: each user or extension on the voice messaging system has a dedicated voicemail box associated with their phone number.

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