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Audiences from the USA will cost much more than for any audience from the CIS. Also narrow (i.e. small) audiences are more expensive than wide (large). What is CPA CPA (cost per action) – cost per action. More advanc metric. Shows the cost of the target action. The target action in this context most often involves register or plac an order on the site. It is usually recommend to optimize advertis campaigns specifically for this metric, because. it shows exactly the target action perform by the user. CPA is very similar in mean to CPL, but still has a wider range of applications. The CPA model is most often us in affiliate market.

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CPA Calculation Formula cpa formula An example of calculat the cost of target actions Why calculate the cost of the target action Typically, the CPA model is us to analyze the effectiveness of partners Bulk SMS Vietnam who drive traffic to our business. Since the partners themselves purchase this traffic and spend their own money, we only ne to see the target actions that are carri out by people who click on such advertis. In addition, CPA is also us for analysis by the partners themselves, because they receive a reward for their work in the form of payment for each target action.

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That a person who switch from a partner’s advertis perform. The client pays for such target actions at a fix rate, for example $ per target action. In other words, it will be profitable for the partner to br AFB Directory ads only as long as his CPA is less than the CPA for which the client pays him. This is how affiliate market works. What is CPL CPL (cost per lead) — cost per lead. In market, the word “ lead ” refers to the person who left their contact information. We usually receive contact.

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