In Some Cases You Can Not Implement Changes

It is not entirely clear what advertis optimization is for; Reach – Reach is easier with Reach, this goal is design to get the most unique Reach. Reach exists not only as a goal, but also as one of the indicators (metric). It talks about how many unique users saw the ad. This is the key difference between reach and impressions. There can be many impressions per unique user, but the unique reach of the user is only . Accordly, advertis optimization here will be tailor to get a large number of coverages, but not impressions; Traffic – us if you just ne traffic to the site, or if you do not have the ability to set up conversions, we will talk about them a little further.

The Fact That The Current Online

Ad optimization in such cases comes down to show your ad to those people who are most likely to click on the link in the ad. In an economy that is gear towards gett the maximum number of users to the site, this Bulk SMS Thailand goal can be the main one. Also, this goal can help you get traffic at the lowest price, cheaper than in the case of conversions; Engagement – the goal will allow you to get as many likes, reactions, comments as possible. Optimization goes for people who are more likely to engage in posts, so if you want to tweak activities, launch under engagement.

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Store Platform Does Not Meet New Dems

Install apps is a clear goal by its name. Ads will be optimiz for cost per install and shown to people who frequently download apps from ads. I think for the most part it will be children and teenagers. I have AFB Directory never us this target myself; Video views – everyth is also clear, if we ne to rock the video as much as possible, then this is a suitable goal, but keep in mind that the video will be rock on Facebook, and not on conditional Youtube. Lead generation is a specific.

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