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Registration Number of fields in forms Item is running out Cost of delivery Payment Methods Checkout problems and ways to improve it Account creation and registration In % of cases, customers refuse to complete an order if they ne to create an account to do so. It is better to offer registration after the purchase, attracting by tracking the order in your personal account or accruing bonuses, it is also worth using “silent” authorization during the checkout process. Silent authorization implies the creation of an account in your database, without the explicit desire of the user.

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When you visit the site again, you can offer him to enter your account simply by entering his phone number and sending him a password. login to personal account Number of fields in forms A large number Bulk SMS Philippines of checkout fields scare away % of users. You can solve the problem by determining which data for placing an order will definitely come in handy, and which ones can be miss. The following set of fields is standardly us: first name, last name, phone number, email . store registration fields Item is running out Users often add an item to their shopping cart simply as a bookmark or to compare it with some other item.

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They don’t always buy right away. The next time a user visits an app or website and the item is out of stock, they will simply go shopping elsewhere. You should warn about such changes in stock in AFB Directory advance, send a notification to the mail or push to the application that “the product you were interest in is running out.” This will give a small chance to push the user to buy right now. It also makes sense to check how long you keep the trash cache . Agree that it is very convenient to immiately go to the cart.

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