Is design for both beginners and establish experts. What is taught Create a business channel; process text to find and analyze competitors; publish content choose content and frequency; understand paid and free promotion methods; in; view  Metrics; Creating a simple but effective chatbot with examples from various projects; Monetizing Telegram channels; Selling and calculating the cost of advertising posts. Assignments If you have opt for the student or specialist fee you will receive assignments for each module which will be check and assess by the curator. Features Helps create personal branding and automat processes ready-made checklists and instructions for any occasion.

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Permanent access to courses. Training format Romania B2B List video course. Diplomas Specialist and Duty Certificates. Student fees are stipulat as self-study and no certificates are award upon completion of the course. Prices tariffs for students; experts; rubles. There are often discounts and various bonuses. Discounts are currently available on every course. So hurry up and if you don’t have time follow the discount. Take the course and you’ll learn why businesses ne channelsTake the course and you’ll learn why businesses ne channelsNetwork Manager Advanc.

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Course The Advanc and accounts not only AFB Directory online but also on other sites training. In this course you will gain the expertise of a manager learn how to use professional tools and put them into practice under the guidance of an experienc tutor. The creators of the course emphasize practice. You’ll gain knowlge and combine it with practical tasks that are as close to real work as possible. All practical tasks are carri out under the supervision of experts. You’ll have weekly calls with the team task board and work chat. Upon passing you’ll receive a career development.

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