In the face of extreme situations, we always have two choices: stand still or choose to act! Digital channels have never been as important as they are now. Keeping your presence active is to minimize the impacts of the pandemic on your business. With digital marketing, even in times of quarantine, you can keep your audience, suppliers and customers informed about your business! Also, it is possible to keep your positioning active through your content strategy . After all, the world has not stopped! People still have their everyday tasks and problems and good things keep happening.

Keeping your audience engaged with good tips

Stories and relevant information is essential. Personal trainers are passing free classes through stories, yoga instructors doing the same. Great artists doing live “shows”. Doctors answering by video call. Even the most “manual” jobs possible are making use of the internet and its resources to Belgium Business Fax List maintain the relationship with their customers. Thinking positively about actions that can help people get distracted, study and even evolve in this strange moment is a great way to build a good brand x customer relationship – even if you are not profiting from it. Even in the face of the expansion of the coronavirus in the united states, apple, for example, did not fail to publish special material in honor of international women’s day.


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The repercussion was incredible

Video: apple international women’s day increased use of digital services with many people at home, online platforms and delivery services will naturally be more requested. The diversity of solutions available via mobile currently reassures a large part of the population by dispensing with visits to banks, lottery shops and even supermarkets in some cities. Fortunately, the expectation is AFB Directory  that all the chaos caused by the coronavirus will come to an end in a few months. Remember that this is not the first pandemic we’ve faced, although we have a lot to learn from it. The most important thing now is for everyone to do their part – governments, entities, companies, professionals and citizens in general – so that everything is resolved as quickly as possible.

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