There cases of discrepancies in results and negative feback from bloggers I think I had more sales”? Everything is simple here, if the blogger did not earn – GetBlogger too. In the case when we see low results in sales, we stop the promotion and understand the reasons. It makes no sense for us to continue a campaign that destroys the trust of bloggers. In fact, not all advertisers reach the launch of the promotion, we don’t miss most of it, because we don’t see a promising offer on which bloggers can earn. Parasite is a convenient service for auto-posting, analytics and work with personal messages on Instagram. Follow the link to get a week of free use! Similar questions arise, that’s why we organiz support for bloggers without days off.

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In addition to standard checks with test purchases, we ask the blogger to send payment details if he made it himself (almost always bloggers try promotions on themselves to create creatives) and check Montenegro Email List for a sale in the upload. Additionally, for each sale, we will receive details from the advertiser. In most cases, the sale may not be count if the promotion is launch only for new customers and less often when the client has not collect the minimum amount to activate the promotional code. All these details are spell out in the brief and such cases are rare. In this matter, we are definitely on the side of the blogger and provide all.

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The details for each sale and are interest in finding the reason for the low results. What advertisers can work with in this format? In the CPS format, we work exclusively with the largest brands that are familiar AFB Directory to everyone. There are special requirements for advertisers, to put it simply, it must be a mass product available throughout the country (or in Moscow and St. Petersburg for some verticals). For example, we are launching the latest promotions together with the Okko online cinema , Mango Insurance, Kinopoisk HD, Combo from Mail, Tinkoff Bank.

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