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Or other main activity; the amount of income; hobbies and hobbies; principles of product selection. Additional goods with which the client closes the nes; Internet sites where the client spends time. Bas on this information, marketing campaigns are launch. And special services help to evaluate the results of promotion, for example, Calltouch end-to-end analytics . Audience segmentation It is necessary to make a relevant offer for each category of customers. The types of segmentation us are: Demographic. According to the characteristics of gender. Age, marital status. Socio-economic. They take into account the level of ucation and income, type of activity, living conditions. Geographic.

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Segmentation by regions, settlements, and even individual districts of the city. Especially useful for local outlets and services. For example, hairdressers, sports clubs, small shops. Behavioral. This includes Bulk SMS Singapore social status, lifestyle, values, priorities and preferences. Behavioral segmentation is especially important for brand image building and market positioning. Method W One of the techniques that allows you to accurately segment customers. Answer questions: What? (What?). What products do you have? The question segments customers by product type. Grouping according to socio-demographic criteria.

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Why For what Why should they buy from you? Identifies the motivation of different customer groups. Where? (Where?). Grouping customers by place of sale: shopping center, your AFB Directory website, marketplace.  These are the circumstances under which the client agrees to the transaction. And the time at which he prefers to buy. How to collect information Data can be obtain from customers directly. Using self-analysis or specializ services. We list several methods. Explore blogs and industry platforms Select a few sites where your audience is concentrat. It can be: blogs; forums; MASS MIA. On platforms like vc or Habr, users.

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