Avoid errors and problems with launching ads in the future, it will be very good to create a Business Manager for yourself and link an Instagram account to it . Additionally, you will ne to create a business page, i.e. Facebook community and also link your Instagram to it. All this is describ in the lesson about setting up BM. Running ads from the Instagram app Now that we have prepar everything we ne, we can move back to Instagram. Here we have several options on how to run ads. The first option is to promote an already creat post. The second option is to promote the creat story.

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As for the latter, I can immiately say that superimpos effects and gifs in stories will not make it possible to run it in advertising, keep this in mind. Let’s see what awaits us after clicking on the “promote SMS Gateway Japan publication” button. And here, actually, there is nothing terrible, setting up on Instagram does not take much time, it is quite simple and understandable. Choosing an Instagram ad target goal of the advertising campaign It all starts with choosing a promotion goal, as was the case with Facebook. But here the goals are much less. More profile visits – this goal is design to collect subscribers on.

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The page, when interacting with the promot post, they will get to the profile. In practice, it works in two ways, somewhere better, somewhere worse. Often it turns out just to collect likes under the post, but AFB Directory not subscribers. Of course, a lot will depend on what kind of post, how it is written, what calls to action are there; More visits to the site – in this case, it is possible to put a link to the site, which will allow people to transfer to it; More messages – the last option transfers people directly to our direct. If the context of your.

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