Audience Demographic segments will tell you about nationality race ucation level occupation type or number of children. This information is important for the correct selection of content brand tone in social networks and target advertising creativity. Psychoanalysis Why did they buy Once you understand your customers’ emotional motivations to buy your product you can create content and ads that speak directly to them. Psychographic  values opinions hobbies and lifestyle priorities. This data will help you understand the motivations of current and potential customers and how your company can earn their trust.

Segmentation will allow you to identify

Behavior How do they buy Understanding Finland Email List theaudience is critical to increasing sales and developing relationships with customers and Excellent understands this. Decisions about opening hours taking orders online and engaging with customers on social mia can all be made bas on behavioral data. If the business already has same information to target audiences on social mia. A great deal of demographic data can be found by looking at analytics on the website  any current advertising campaign. Then enrich the data by answering the following questions What are my audience’s pain points.

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Buying behavior of your target

Or what problems does my product service solve. Studying buying power cost structure customer lifecycle. All the stages he goes through from AFB Directory learning about a company to becoming a loyal customer. This information directly affects how users interact with companies on social networks and how they spend their money. There may be multiple personas especially if you sell more than one product. Find out where your target audience is most active Once you know who your target audience is you can find out which social networks they like to spend time on. This will help you prioritize focus on.

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