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Some kind of purchase, which “as if you want it,” but “as if you don’t really ne it,” a dissonance of logic and emotions arises. Here we ne to push the person to a decision. The standard methods are short-term benefits such as discounts. But you won’t go far on some discounts, besides, accustoming the audience to constant discounts is like driving yourself into a cage, if you suddenly fail to give a discount all the time, they will simply stop buying from you. But back to solving the problem, how to push a person to the right solution? Our main task is to communicate at a time when his mind is most vulnerable. The vulnerability of the mind most manifests itself towards the end of the working day.

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It is logical that at work, we make a lot of decisions, deal with tasks, all this drains. Just at such moments, any “goodies” and triggers will work more efficiently. For example, take the ubiquitous SMS Gateway Estonia webinars. Note that, as a rule, the main content part lasts for an hour, and another hour that sells. The more complex information there is, the more tir a person is, he depletes his mental resources. At this point, the autopilot turns on, which opens the way for impulsive buying.

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Emotional Correlation The easiest way to explain this trick is to use a sequence of questions as an example:One of the incribly common questions in my practice in different variations is, “How to contact AFB Directory Facebook technical support?”, “How to communicate with technical support?”, “Where is this technical support?”, “How to write to them in the messenger?” I agree, writing to them can be another problem. I tell you how to do it without wandering through the labyrinths. To write to Facebook technical support, you first ne to go to Facebook Business Manager.

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