Information in private chats and channels should be very valuable and compelling. A bot in Create a Bot is a program that can automatically collect statistics send messages translate text promote accounts and search for information. telegram bot Bot creation is in demand. Even with basic programming skills you can use services to create bots. However programming skills will be an advantage when choosing this promising direction. Income up to RUB per program depending on complexity and functionality. Advantages.

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No investment requir suitable for beginners. Cons Slovakia B2B List Requires programming skills to create more complex programs so pays more.  are us and what tasks they solve we discuss in more detail in Lesson 3 of the course How to Get Customers and Make Money. Complete Bot Tasks You can register a special bot in and earn money by completing simple tasks in subscribe to channels; read posts; invite friends. This method is suitable for earning your first income through the Internet. As a reward for completing tasks you can get real money cryptocurrency or virtual money that can be exchang for real money. Income rubles per day.

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Pros No investment requir  elements. Disadvantages AFB Directory The profit is not serious and many channels are unscrupulous so we will not list them. Create Stickers On Freelance Exchange you can find tasks to create unique stickers for your channel. To make money you ne minimal design skills  Basic knowlge of the official bot. Earnings up to rubles per set. Pros It’s a fun side hustle for a graphic designer. Cons Requires skill but fairly easy to master. Read about creating stickers for How to Make Your Own Stickers here. In the end what did you learn from this article In  whether you are a beginner an experienc channel owner with a large audience or an advertising expert there are many ways you can monetize. The main thing is to try.

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