Amount of money. These tests could take weeks. But what to do when you are given a budget of , and you ne to spend it in a couple of days ? How to approach planning such a campaign? Most often, we are plac in such conditions in the niche of the information business. Running a marathon, registering for a webinar, and stuff like that. I would immiately add that in this article we will not consider the rationality of using the entire advertising budget only for targeting. Let’s take it as a constant that you ne to spend the budget in this way, other advertising channels are not suitable for us for some reason.

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Optimization through budgets and macro conversions In conditions of limit budgets, it makes sense to approach detail and rigorous planning. Because every penny counts and everyone wants Australia Email List to spend it with maximum efficiency. However, oddly enough, with big budgets comes big responsibility, everything gets easier. Why is it getting easier? Because Facebook knows how to automatically optimize ad impressions for people who interact best with advertising and our product (by product, I mean both the site and our trade offer offer). But this optimization requires a lot of conversions. A lot of! And you can get a lot of conversions due to just the same big budgets. Moreover, it is best if we can optimize through macro conversions registrations or purchases.

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Clicks and page views are micro conversions and in this regard they are much worse suit for optimization, because we don’t ne people who just click on ads, we ne those who buy our AFB Directory product. To better understand what is meant by conversions and optimization, check out these tutorials Goals of advertising campaigns Optimization of advertising campaigns facebook audience size In the example above, we see a wide audience, this size can be obtain by simply selecting one country without specifying interests and other settings.

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