Audience Language; Events View the number of people sharing posts by time period; Top publications. Most popular channel posts by audience activity over the past day. Publication retweets and retweets to private messages are also reflect. You can sort popular posts by views retweets shares comments and reactions. Sticky Post Publication Schule. dynamically display on the channel by day week and month. You can view a list of publications that were post at a specific time and the days of the week that post most frequently.

The number of posts and retweets

The Services allow you to track statistics in Denmark B2B List your channel in as much detail as possible view detail statistics on other people’s channels identify more subtle and complex cheating and perform in-depth analysis of publication and advertising performance.  user. You can handle all the nuances of maintaining analyzing and monetizing your channel in a practical week-long online course on promotion.and make money on Facebook find out how to produce popular content for instant messengers create chatbots and more. The course is taught by and director. Which Metrics to Analyze in Metrics It’s not enough to just look at your channel’s stats it’s important to know what to look out for in the first place.

B2B Email List

In it you’ll learn how to promote

Here are the key metrics that channel owners and advertisers should focus on Audience. The number of subscribers and their growth dynamics indicate the popularity of the channel and its content how it is progressing whether the owner is using AFB Directory cheats or not. For administrators audience dynamics indicate whether decisions in promotional strategies were successful or wrong. coverage. They help evaluate content strategies they show which content gets more views and at what times people view posts more. They allow you to assess the potential reach of.

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