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The Russian Feration, other languages ​​of the peoples of the Russian Feration or foreign languages. Therefore, you can use everything that has already been develop, register and patent. How to keep the law The amendments introduc should ensure quality control of the preparation of a “single corpus” of dictionaries, grammars, reference books, as well as compliance by officials with the rules and norms of the modern Russian literary language. So the first thing to appear is: specializ dictionaries that will allow you to understand which words are acceptable and which are not; a supervisory body to verify the implementation of.

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The law and punish non-compliance. But while there are no specifics, we can give simple advice to those who work in the mia and digital spheres: wait for dictionaries – they should contain explanations of words Bulk SMS Colombia with translation and words that cannot be translat; where possible, use domestic analogues of foreign words; add explanations or translations to foreign words if it is impossible to do without them. When lists of normative dictionaries and grammars appear, all advertising communications will ne to be Russifi”. The business will ne to remove, fix or reorder: creatives in advertising accounts; layouts and slogans; advertising banners.

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Leaflets and other promotional materials. The prohibition affects the use of only those foreign words and expressions that have adequate analogues in Russian. Words without analogues, according to the AFB Directory law, will be allow to be us. Just remember to check the dictionaries after they appear. Is it possible to do without borrowings in Russian The development of world languages ​​is ongoing. It is impossible to forbid people to use new words in the lexicon. The Russian language is also constantly absorbing new foreign words. At the moment, it has a lot of Baltisms, Greekisms, Latinisms, Finno-Ugricisms and borrowings from other world languages, from Sanskrit to.

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