The article please register with Target Audience Parser. Ninja is link here. You’ll then have can further configure the monitoring of community members in the last month. Here you can also download a text file for new members that contains links to communities in tasks or a file that contains information about the number of participants¬† in a given time period. Automatic import creation and or export. Automatically import participants into advertising accounts. You can set the upload cycle such as refresh once. Then select an ad account an ad account group or create a new account in the pre-import check and offer bot list Click.

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Yes in the field. participants and voila. Now Cyprus B2B List in your ad account you can set up targeting for your audience of interest potential buyers and automatically supplement your retargeting base. More info on retargeting how to set up a pixel tag and properly tag your audience how to increase your target audience manually and other useful stuff. Competitor Ads Analysis Promotional Posts Spy Tool Analyzing a seller’s audience and their ad posts will help build customer profiles and find the hottest customers. An indifferent target audience knows nothing about you or your offer. In thematic communities already.

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Familiar products albeit competitive best-performing creatives for improving your offerings. So how to understand your target audience and build an active user base in one step with the help of sellers. Steps Open the community search from the left sidebar. For example we will find the competitor’s community Chinese teacher. For example we AFB Directory will find the competitor’s community. A list of groups with participants’ gender age and channel dynamic information will appear in the quick search results. Most of the time female audiences account for and the age of the participants had.

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