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More reliable than, for example , .kõigeparemadvokaat.ee , which can leave a slightly suspicious impression and rather lose the trust of your clients. What tools help in choosing a brand name? Fortunately, the internet is full of good and free tools that help build a good name and brand. Here we highlight the best pages that you may find useful: Thesaurus If the word you’ve chosen is already overuse, you can try replacing a word with . For example, instead of using the word “doctor”, we find in the thesaurus that good synonyms can also be “doctor”, “meic” or “doctor”. However, never choose words with little usage that will not help your site be found. Free domain search In addition to many foreign websites, such as Namemesh or Domain Wheel.

Tool that will help you find the best name

Which help you create a beautiful English domain name with the word you enter, we also have Estonia’s own smart free domain finder and name in Latest Mailing Database Estonian! A tool like this is extremely easy to use: just enter your name or keyword and this page will suggest additional words or different domain extensions that you might not have thought of before. Google Trends Google has develope a tool to help you find the words that people around the world are searching for the most.

Latest Mailing Database

The domain name you select

You can enter a word of your choice in the search and also select a country, among the results you can see in which region the corresponding word is searche the most. In addition, this search will also suggest other words or phrases that people are searching for AFB Directory along with the keyword you entere. What to do if the domain name is not available but not in use? If is not in use, i.e. no website is visible when you enter the address you selecte, or it only contains advertisements, then it is very likely that its current owner bought it just to resell it . You can use the websitewho.is to see who owns it and get their email address.

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